City Tour

The ideal option to discover Lausanne highlights

By car or on foot, discover the famous sites in Lausanne : from Ouchy, by the lake, to the Olympic Museum, the International Olympic Comitee, the Roman ruins or the Thai Pavilion. Going through some of the green parks, you will see the university of Lausanne (UNIL) and the well-known polytechnic school (EPFL).

From there, you will go to the town centre : built on three hills and crossed by two rivers, Lausanne has a peculiar topography. Saint-François square, heart of the town, the Flon, formerly a handicraft area which has become the centre of nightlife, Bel-Air with its shopping area. With all this, Lausanne offers a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

When you reach the medieval « Cité » on the hill, you will walk to the castle of St.Maire where local authorities have been sitting for six centuries, and then to the old Academy, significant for its role in the 16th century Reformation, and finally to the cathedral, the most remarquable example of Swiss gothic architecture.

When leaving the cathedral, you will take the wooden stairs down to Palud square and the town hall where the market takes place twice a week. Last square to visit : the Riponne with its Palais de Rumine, impressive example of neo-renaissance architecture and former seat of the University.

you can chose to do the whole tour on foot only

If you have any special requests,(group, business, family outings or thematic visits, etc)  please, let us know. We will be glad to advise you and make your wishes come true.

Time : 2 hours

CHF 240.- per group (fares not included)

We will gladly send you a detailed offer, without obligation, a form is at your disposal on our contact page.

Stay in Lausanne, the olympic capital

and discover the many aspects of the town and its surrounding region thanks to our experienced and multilingual guides.


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