A walk around the fountains

A refreshing stroll !

This walk will take you from the town centre to the Cité, the medieval part of Lausanne, to both the old and contemporary fountains.

Join this walk which will unveil some of the numerous stories of water of our town : from the sources of the Jorat and the Prealps to Lake Léman, the biggest alpine lake in western Europe, water is a must-do experience in Lausanne.

You will also learn its major role in supplying the town in drinking water and in contributing to the industrial development of the town.

This refreshing walk which you can do at any season except winter will also allow you to visit the town centre, the old town with the gothic cathedral and its pedestrian streets.

Time : 2 hours  Cost : CHF 240.-  (fares not included)

Time : 3 hours  Cost : CHF 290.-  (fares not included)

Meeting point : Riponne square (place de la Riponne) or a place of your choice

We will gladly send you a detailed offer, without obligation, a form is at your disposal on our contact page.

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